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Long time no post - Today's Topic: numerology

So today I was watching a show with my mom, you may or may not heard of it, it's called "The Dr. Oz Show"
On the show they were discussing numerology and while watching it I noticed a lot of the traits that they were describing of my mom's "Life Path Number" were true, incredibly true!
I did my Life Path Number and then I thought "hey! how about figuring out NEWS as well!"
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Long Overdue

Just as the title suggest, this is a long overdue post…. This was originally suppose to be posted in Nov. for Ryo and Tegoshi birthdays but – things happen.

Plus with the earthquake - I wasn’t sure when I should start updating again. There is now a few posts saved on my computer and so now for no reason I think its time to post again :]

Title: Ryo-chan

Song: Gamushara Cha Cha Cha – NEWS

Highlights: NISHIKIDO RYO.


Title: Tegonyan

Song: Samurai Blue – ZZ

Highlights: TEGOSHI YUYA. *Its a soccer song with a video of Tegoshi playing no soccer :( The video with Tegoshi on TOKIO challenge didn’t work while editing.


*I did uploaded these on youtube, but for now I’m just keeping them private and waiting for a right time to make them public.




10 years - Amazing.
Simply amazing.
I've only known NEWS for a year, but to actually know that there's such a positive person like kei-chan - well, it kind of changed my life.
No, i'm not talking dramatically like I live by the word and God of Kei-chan,
It's just that when I get into situations,(applying for a job, studying, when I have to question the world in general) and I think "Oh No! this will be bad" 
I start to think "Believe in myself" and right behind my thought is Kei-chan saying "Be positive" 

Ok, so about Koyama Keiichiro
What has he been up too with these 10  years?
J-Support created by Domoto Koichi
Shounen Club
Well Dramas of course
HSM play
Call play
Room 0 play
You can say that Kei-chan likes to be on stage.
Being the MC of K.K.Kity, NEWS (I can't even start to imagine how difficult it was in the beginning to be the MC for NEWS considering the members didn't even know each other well - but Kei-chan still tried his best)
Making songs, choreography for itai dake, ideas for itai dake corner
University well still being active with NEWS (when I think of Kei-chan in university I always forget that Yamapi was there at the almost same time)
Recently - from my point of view - Kei-chan who has been the mother of NEWS has sort of become the father, he still has the same behavior of wanting to take care of the members, but with learning Sign Language, Korean, Economics, and becoming a news caster for news every.  (being able to tweet, a small achievement for himself but a breakthrough for Johnny's xP) I know for a while the fandom didn't see eye to eye with this change; there were even fans at the concert who had signs saying "Go back to brown hair" But now since the L!L!L! DVD came out, and the fans see that he's still the air-head that Shige described him to be, I hope that there views have changed about the Koyama we have now. ( I don't really know if they had already because i've been really busy )

There are probably many more things that Kei-chan has done that I never listed.
For that,  I am sorry, these are all the things come to mind right now.

I really can't imagine what Koyama will achieve in the next 10 years, but i'm sure it will be amazing because he'll put his full strength and positive attitude into it.

Why did you want to join Johnny's?
This is a really terrible thing to have to say, but I failed my high school entrance exam once.
I was so depressed, I would be so sad that I'd cry everyday.
So my big sister was like, "Style your hair nicely and I'll take a photo of you."
And it turned out that she sent it to Johnny's and I got accepted and went to the auditions.
That's how I joined.

I remind myself now that this is only 10 years out 26 years of living, there are things that he achieved personally such as learning karate, along with his university friends they created there own club - a footsal or as he pronounces it foot-sa team called M-Cats. Unfortunately they had only 4 people on the team, and for footsal you need 5, so the 4 years that they been in the club they never played a single match
And more importantly - being a uncle, a brother to his sister, a brother that Shige never had, and recently learning how to edit videos. 

So even if there was a time when i'm not as involved in NEWS and Koyama as I am now. I would still support and admire Koyama Keiichiro for the kind, positive and hard working person he is.

As Kei-chan feels are love for him, we continue to feel his love and support for us in our everyday lives.


Baby I Like It‼

One night I was playing around with Sony Vegas and took clips from 山P OIM performances' and SBS concert footage and with that I created a rough copy, and I think it's alright, I want to improve it, but, Sony is not working at the moment.
I wasn't going to release this, but since i'm releasing the one that I created with Windows Movie Maker, I might as well include the other one.

Title: I Like It *created with Sony Vegas
Song: I Like It - Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull
Highlights: OIM performances' and SBS concert.


Title: I Like It because it's One in a Million *created with Windows Movie Maker
Song: I Like It - Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull
Highlights: OIM performances'


NEWS is my One in a Million

 I created a preview of this and uploaded it on youtube recently, but as you can imagine, it got deleted.
So if anybody remembers that and has been waiting to see the full length version, here it is.

Title: NEWS is my One in a Million
Song: One in a Million - Yamashita Tomohisa
Highlights: NEWS.


I'll include the original preview that was posted on youtube

Title: OIM - NEWS Preview
Song: One in a Million Instrumental - Yamashita Tomohisa
Highlights: NEWS.

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