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K-Chan Report

 Well I don't understand any Japanese at all, but I will report what I hear


Yay ! It has started
*Jumps around Excitedly* Woo~ I got the right channel

[ ] = Personal Comments

Kei-chan introduces Massu. They talk about Sakura Girl !!!!!!!!!!
(They play TegoMasu song: Hanamuke)
(Song ends) 
Basically Kei-chan and Massu then
talk talk talk,
talk, talk talk,
Water Boys,
talk  talk  talk,
TegoMasu Concert,
talk talk talk talk talk .................
Talking more, but this time the topic is Sakura Girl =D ^_^ =D 
talk talk talk,
talk talk talk,
talk talk talk.

!!!!!! (THEY PLAY SAKURA GIRL) !!!!!!

[ Are you serious. I'm listening to Sakura Girl right now !!!!!!!!!!! i'm speechless right now, but my hands still continue to type somehow,
I feel like Kei-Chan character in "Guest in Room 0" haha,
Eh?! It's over, no, it can't be over, why is it only 30 min show =( And really I wanted to listen to Sakura Girl longer,
well I listened to it, So i'm extremely happy now. It makes me wonder what the PV will be like, i can't wait for someone to sub/translate this K-Chan News, that's all from my report, not a lot to it but, Enjoy ! ]


Thanks to the many amazing peoples in the NEWS Fandom,
I got my wish of wanting to listen to Sakura Girl longer,
I am now listening to Sakura Girl preview on repeat =D
I have to agree with some of the thoughts that I have read so far,
listening to Sakura Girl is refreshing.
I didn't have the pleasure to first hear any songs from NEWS when they first come out, but i'm glad i'm part of this excitement, arigatou gozaimashita ! ^_^
Tags: koyama keiichiro, masuda takahisa
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