August 17th, 2011


Long Overdue

Just as the title suggest, this is a long overdue post…. This was originally suppose to be posted in Nov. for Ryo and Tegoshi birthdays but – things happen.

Plus with the earthquake - I wasn’t sure when I should start updating again. There is now a few posts saved on my computer and so now for no reason I think its time to post again :]

Title: Ryo-chan

Song: Gamushara Cha Cha Cha – NEWS

Highlights: NISHIKIDO RYO.


Title: Tegonyan

Song: Samurai Blue – ZZ

Highlights: TEGOSHI YUYA. *Its a soccer song with a video of Tegoshi playing no soccer :( The video with Tegoshi on TOKIO challenge didn’t work while editing.


*I did uploaded these on youtube, but for now I’m just keeping them private and waiting for a right time to make them public.