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And the fandom goes...

Sakura Girl PV

And the fandom goes WILD
Sakura Girl full length PV is out, so far there are 2 versions on youtube, one Good Quality but out of sync, the other one is the complete opposite, it's in-sync but Low Quality :(
Why can't we have the best of both worlds (hehe Hannah Montana) 
Correction: Maybe there is only one PV on youtube at the moment :(
Second Correction: I have now found 4 PV's on youtube ^_^

Third and Final Correction: I'll stop counting at one because as long there is one PV on youtube, then i'm happy

So when I watched it the first time, I thought back to newshfan highlights and the theme of their new music video seems to be "Let's lip sync really badly."   And another theme I have notice in the PV, is PINK, not just the Sakura, but each member seems to be wearing something pink, and there lips, all the members lips seem really pink to me.

Video Time
Edit: No more option, the three videos that I had embed before are sadly not working anymore due to copyright claims 
Best In-Sync 
Best In-Sync & Best Audio ^_^
Best Video Quality ^_^

As long as the fandom knows where to download the PV then were all happy, right.

Discussion Starters: 
  • Tegoshi Namida?
  • How did Yamapi relationship end?
  • Ryo Slap?
  • 山P cups?
  • Massu Breakup?
  • Shige Breakup?
  • Saddest Breakup?

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