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This is written for my own benefit so I could remember this awesome dream, read if you want to hear my delusions...

Setting: (Top Picture) I chose this picture because the waterfall is like stairs, but the difference from my dream it's more tropical and a sunny feeling in my dream, and the bottom right side is a sandy beach and then behind that is a nice green grass. Plus
(Bottom Picture) Imagine a river on top of the waterfall that looks like this

The river is a lot wider than the one in this picture and in the top right hand there is a underwater cave like this


Okay now that you have an idea what it looks like in my dream, let me tell you about it
Swimming down the river on top of the waterfall, it feels so nice because the summer heat is unbearable in my dream,
there I am with Shige and and a little girl, Stop! I know what your thinking, no, i didn't have child with Shige (Oh, How I Wish I Did Though!)
I know in my dream that this little girl is not Shige and mines because she kept on saying Onee-san!~
So the three of us are swimming and we are near the underwater cave and the water is so clear that we can see the bottom, and what happens next is the little girl sees a like a toy or something on the bottom of the cave, so first she dives to get it and then I follow after then Shige is right behind us. We finally get to the bottom and I still don't know what the toy is but the little girl has it now and she playing with it, and Shige and I are floating a little bit above her and we see she having fun and we look to each other and smile. That moment we smiled at each other, my heart swells each time I think about it. I think it is something from my dream that I will never forget.
PAN~! Were not in the cave in anymore, somehow were in the pool of water at the bottom of the waterfall and there is no little girl, it's just me and Shige, and it's alright, you would think that with the little girl missing that we would be worried that's she lost that somehow she mysteriously disappeared, but were okay, because I have a feeling I missed part of my dream because I also missed the part on how these guys showed up XD. Shige and I are in the shallow part of the water by the waterfall only thigh high and we are smiling and having fun time, the top half of are bodies are almost dry because of the heat and then Bang~! Pi pops from under water and splashes Shige, so you can imagine if your almost dry and then your friend pops up and splashes you, you would want to get revenge. So Shige runs after Pi, Pi tries and runs away, but fails to do so because Shige surprisingly catches up and jumps on Pi's back, and the way Pi tries and wrestle Shige off his back is hilarious haha. While my sides hurt from laughing to much, i'm already on sandy beach just sitting there because I was afraid if I stood any longer where I was in the water by the waterfall while I was laughing I thought I was going to fall into water or be knocked over by ShigePi. So I look back to the waterfall, and who do I see now, RyoTego ^__^ Ryo-tan~ is holding Tego-nyan~ bridal-style, I use these "~" because this how they were talking to each other the whole time, especially Tegoshi, Just imagine Yukinojo, but 100, 000, 000X more girly and that's how Tego-nyan~! was. I remember they had a very long conversation and Tego-nyan was doing most of the talking but really I can't remember anything at all, but when you heard Tego-nyan~ speak you couldn't help but grin, oh yeah, also, the whole time Ryo-tan~ carried him bridal style and walked around in circles and mostly listened. So I have an idea what your thinking right now, I talked about ShigePi, I talked about RyoTego, who's missing?
KoyaMassu! Well.... there not a lot to say, remember when I was describing the setting for the setting for the first picture and I said behind the beach is a nice green grass, while that's where KoyaMassu were, they were sitting down on the grass smiling and you could hear them talking in the background every once in awhile you would hear "Maji-ss-ka?!" or Massu laughing.

So I'm sitting half in the water, half in the sandy beach, and Tego-nyan~ comes over "Ne, Nichiko-chan~ can you come into the water with me now~" and the innocent voice he used, you couldn't say no to it. "Hai, Tego-nyan~ I'll come in now." We walk over towards to the waterfall and we hear Ryo-tan and Pi's conversation "Pi, I bet I can run up the waterfall stairs faster than you" "Oh yeah, is that a challenge I hear" "Yeah, and Shige's involved" "Eh?!" turns to me "Please don't let me be not the only non-competitive one in this race" "Hai, Hai, I'll race too" "Ikou‼" And the four us are running up the stair waterfall, if you were on top of the waterfall looking down on us you would see that RyoPi were already near the middle, Shige and I were taking the long route up, and the Tego-nyan~ was stand in the water smiling + glaring/pouting at Shige for taking his playmate away. You couldn't see KoyaMassu, but you defiantly hear "Ganbatte!" "Hayaku!"

I'm surprised that in my dream that Koyama was only sitting on the beach because the first ever NEWS-related dream I had was only Koyama, the second dream I remember hearing all six members voices, but I only remember being physically embraced by KoyaShige. So this third dream i'm happy I got to see all the members and hopefully in future dreams there is more interaction with more members, either that or my dreams become reality.

And so here ends my dream talk, sorry if i wasn't able to explain somethings properly at times, to make sure you understand almost 100% I leave you with pictures of what NEWS looked like my dream. (Except for Ryo-tan~, he has a video)






The last three Shige pictures you would have to combine to get the Shige in my dreams.
And of course in my dream all of NEWS were topless in my dream, just thought I make that clear ^0^
So now i'm going to check
Shige Appreciation, watch ItteQ, and then sleep & dream.


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