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 Here I'll post some of the things that I posted on twitter for the #NEWSlive project.

music can Change The World because it can change people. #NEWSlive

Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. #NEWSlive

Everyone has inside of them a piece of Good News. #NEWSlive

If something in your songs gives support to people in their lives Thats more than just entertainment Always supporting NEWS supporting us #NEWSlive

The 6 adorkable guys from Japan #youdeserveashoutout they are 6 out of 130 million♪ Make... #NEWSlive ...a Trending topic!

#NEWSlive Forever living in my heart.

#NEWSlive ♪Still I can't give you up, so loving you.♫ - Why

#NEWSlive Top songs of my list 1.Koi no ABO, because it is in fact the first ever NEWS song I listened too

Aim for the top #NEWSlive Ganbatte Ganbatte Ganbatte, I have turned into Shige encouraging inanimate objects now, YOSH!

Roll-call #NEWSlive Whenever you hear "Hallelujah Chance! Noo~" How many also do the Noo~ *hand in front of face* part? Because I know I do

#NEWSlive Hilcrhyme + NEWS = ♥Naiyo no Nai Tegami

#NEWSlive GreeeeN + NEWS = Awesomeness (WeeeeK - LIVE) ^_^

Ryo: ♪Too hot just like a child~I'll take ur heart and play~Sometimes things come back to me at times~ Shige: He's pretty noisy. #NEWSlive

#NEWSlive NEWS in the SUMMER TIME are my Beach Angels

#NEWSlive it's never Happy Birthday to you~ it's always Kimi no Happy Birthday~!

Never Ending Wonderful Story DVD Ryo: We weren't together as a group for about a year. I was worried. I didn't want to lose NEWS. #NEWSlive

#NEWSlive If NEWS were to see this, what would you tell them through a tweet, that they should all create a twitter account

#NEWSlive NEWS is my One In a Million

#NEWSlive Approve Johnny's Entertainment having a youtube channel!

#NEWSlive Approve Johnny's having twitter accounts!

#NEWSlive Approve NEWS having more making of's in Album and Singles!

#NEWSlive Approve NEWS having 3 singles/3 album editions released!

#NEWSlive Approve the Three older members of NEWS, nothing personal but I have intense love for when the 3 of them are together

#NEWSlive Approve the three older members having a song together. 小山慶一郎 + 錦戸亮 + 山下智久=♥

#NEWSlive Yamashita:It hasn't stopped. See, feel it. Koyama:Okay Koyama:Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! You shaved me. Nishikido: That was fun!

#NEWSlive 小山: We'll get in trouble if he does that. 山P, play like this. 山P: I'll pull it like this. *SNAP!* 小山:Ouch!!!!

#NEWSlive 山P: I meant to do it. I'm very excited. 小山: So you wanted to use that excitement on me?! 山P, it hurt!

That was all from Nichiko-desu (Nishikido/Tegoshi ending)
Formally @Unique_musouka but now @NEWSxo
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