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Happy Birthday 5/01

I should be asleep now, it’s 2:53am here. But I thought it would best to still post while it’s still May 1st in Japan.

Koyama Keiichiro, since the beginning

NEWS Nippon 0304 - 06

He has always enjoyed members company

NEWS Nippon 0304 - 09

The members enjoy his company.

Massu Celebrates it


Tego-nyan relishes it - especially if it’s includes food provided by Koyama


And Shige, Shige couldn’t be more comfortable with any other member. Kei-chan was the one who said it, Shige is like family.

(But you have to admit – Shige seems pretty comfy with Massu too. e.g. running hugs, piggy backs :P )


Now I present…. “Why yes! These videos are still uploaded” If the videos don't appear (to work). click the (maybe) black box you see and it will lead to YouTube where you can enjoy Chan-Koyama.

Keii-chan Mishap
Honest Comments
Starting from 0:58 sec
Koyama Sempai
Kei-chan, we can always find him on the stage.
Always being helpful
My favourite for last. (There was another video that used to be my favourite. But sadly I think it got deleted. It was fanvideo with the background music Baby! Be My Baby!)

Happy Birthday Leader!


Done. It's 3:57am now. Good Night!
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