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Long time no post - Today's Topic: numerology

So today I was watching a show with my mom, you may or may not heard of it, it's called "The Dr. Oz Show"
On the show they were discussing numerology and while watching it I noticed a lot of the traits that they were describing of my mom's "Life Path Number" were true, incredibly true!
I did my Life Path Number and then I thought "hey! how about figuring out NEWS as well!"

To figure out a Life Path Number,
let's use Kchan as an example

First of all you use your date of birth + year.
*Note: In numerology the number only ranges from 1 through 9, you will understand why I mention this soon

So for Kchan it would be:
05 + 01 + 1+9+8+4 = 28
Then we have to break it down it again because we can only use with 1 through 9
2 + 8 = 10
and again...
1 + 0 = 1

and the results for a 1 Life Path Number are:
"The 1 Life Path strives to be # 1 in all facets of their life. If they feel they are not, it can make them very unhappy. The 1 Life Path works so hard to succeed, and when they finish with one project, they move right on to the next. As a result, they don’t always make time for their bodies. What I have found to be the magic bullet for the 1 Life Path is physical exercise. If they don’t schedule time to exercise, their health starts to suffer. They may end up with neck pain, back pain, and knee pain. It is as if their body is crying out, and movement is the answer for the 1 Life Path. One great thing to do is yoga. If the 1 Life Path commits to doing basic breathing and stretching yoga poses, they will feel so much better!"
Does this sound like Kchan?
I have to admit the part about "when they finish with one project, they move right on to the next" sounded like Kchan to me.

07 + 04 + 1+9+8+6 = 35
3 + 5 = 8
and the results:
"In my Numerology research, it is not uncommon for an 8 Life Path to have health issues early on that they need to overcome. It is important for the 8 to stay keenly aware of any health issues that may arise and nip it in the bud. Since the 8 Life Path is here to establish financial security, they can get so caught in their work, or taking care of family, that they may ignore the early physical symptoms that can become a real problem later on. For example, if their back hurts a little bit, and they ignore it, the back can go completely out at a later time. If something in their body doesn’t feel right, they should not let time pass before looking into it. Note: It is not uncommon for the 8 Life Path to have lower back pain when they are feeling really stressed. I do give affirmations in my book to help them counteract that. Additionally, the 8 can sometimes feel like the world is out to get them, and end up feeling very victimized. To pull them out of that slump, I suggest comedic movies that make them laugh, and music that makes them want to dance!"
**excuse me while I check my math again**
I don't see Massu in this... Maybe the part about "music that makes them want to dance" ?

07 + 1+1  +1+9+8+7 = 34
3 + 4 = 7! how many times will 7 appear in his life?!
(for reference on Shin Domoto Kyodai I believe, he mentioned 7/11 was his birthday, his seat in school was 7th row 11th seat, the release date was NEWS Nippon was 11/7th sold at 7-11)

"Although the 7 can be social, they really need their privacy and sacred space. If a 7 feels they can’t have their special time alone, they will be miserable and find unhealthy ways to escape, just like the 5 Life Path. To stay healthy, it would be wise for the 7 to keep a journal to purge their thoughts. The 7 is the Vibration that needs to find a base of faith they can believe in, or they can become cynical. While they work on the spiritual side of who they are, it actually helps them on a mental and physical level. Note: The water has a very calming effect on the 7. When the 7 is troubled, if they can get to the ocean or another body of water, they will start to feel better. Even just taking a warm bubble bath, hitting the pool or hot tub will bring some peace to the 7 Life Path."
my thoughts - privacy. & water.

1+1 + 1+1  +1+9+8+7 = 29
2 + 9 = 11 so many 1's!
1 + 1 = 2 so straightforward

I read the results and I can tell you now, I lol'ed.

"The 2 Life Path is known for having a big heart, and loves deeply. I sometimes hear stories like, “They died of a broken heart.” If I am able to get the birth numbers of that person, I often find that they were a 2 Life Path. The 2 Life Path feels things intensely, and their lesson in life is to learn to have healthy emotional boundaries. My analogy for the 2 Life Path is if someone fell in a well and said, “Can you help me?” They would jump right in, and say, “What’s wrong?!”

So if the 2 Life Path can create a healthy emotional boundary, they will feel much better. Depression is a symptom a 2 can experience. If they spend too much time trying to please everyone, they end up putting themselves in last place. To alleviate this problem, many of my 2 Life Path clients will join group therapy, or any type of group where they can talk about what is going on in their life. This makes a huge difference. Once the a 2 Life Path learns to make themselves a priority, it improves their mental and physical health."

ahahahhahah! Tegoshi jumping into a well and saying “What’s wrong?!”
I need a fanfic of this right now!
My other thoughts - "2 Life Path clients will join group therapy, or any type of group where they can talk about what is going on in their life"
A group such as.... Soccer friends, how many times can you recall him talking about his soccer friends and how he hangs out with them to talk about life and work... the number is infinite right

The time is now is 4:12AM - so I'm going to listen to Dreamcatcher and fall asleep now!

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