I Made It (remix)

はずかしい I didn't know to release this or not, but since I already announce on twitter that I would, here it is
This fanvid was created kind of differently. At first I wanted to create a fanvid with the remix song but when I experimented on using Uchi clips for it, it worked well. So I went and found the full length original song and used that for NEWS

Title: I Made It Diamond
Song: I Made It - Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil' Wayne & Jay Sean & Birdman. (I know, not the kind of song you expect, but it works... somehow)
Highlights: This fanvid is more about telling a story and 'I Made It' meaning how NEWS created there first concert together.
*2:18 for this part the lyrics relates to how Tegoshi seems to feel no embarrassment and just acts like a 'idol' and the part that goes 'they didn't wanna know me back then' refers to when he was the unknown kid from NEWS, now he's Tegoshi Yuya from ItteQ, NEWS, Tegomasu...
*2:46 I think the close-up on Pi fits because the lyrics 'I've known all my life' meaning how long he's been in this industry
*3:00 We all know how Ryo likes to have fun, so it's like he has a gutter mind XD
*3:02 lyrics 'lookin' like my mother' I showed Kei-chan because of a fan report saying how Koyamama and Koyama have the same voice, or speech, or something like that.
Sorry that I kept pointing to places where you should watch, I just wanted you to see what I saw when making this. I encourage you to watch first and then come back if you want to re-watch the points I talked about.


Title: I Made It remix
Song: I Made It - DJ78 Remix
Highlights: Starring Uchi Hiroki, Kusano Hironori, and TAKA (formally Moriuchi Takahiro)


Most people can find where the Uchi and Kusano clips came from, but if anybody is interested in where TAKA's came from Go Here
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Shige Appreciation.

A while ago there was a Shige Appreciation post, and at time I thought the best to participate was to create a Shige Appreciation fanvid.
The reason I chose *that* song,
well at first I didn't really like it,
I wanted too,
but it never grew on me,
so finally when it came time to create this fanvid, I thought I might as well take something I like and don't like and see what happens, now when ever I hear that song, it always reminds of this fanvid.

Title: Shige Appreciation
Song: Labyrinth - NEWS
Highlights: First part = Random clips & NEWS Live Diamond concert
                     Second Part = NEWS Live Diamond documentary + a fun game of 'name that pair' XD



Koyama Keiichiro Birthday

 This fanvid was suppose to be for Koyama on his birthday, and it was, really it was,
but, youtube deleted it :(
So I'll upload it here ^_^

Title: Kei-kun Birthday
Songs: Yawarakana Mama De, Anata ga tonari ni iru dake de - NEWS
Highlights: The first part were Yawarakana Mama De is playing I wanted to show a fun Kei-chan, and also throughout the video I want to show off his sign language skills. The second part when Anata ga tonari ni iru dake de is playing the video is in black and white, and I wanted to focus more on NEWS+Kei-chan.
*at 4:13 I included this part because I wanted people to see what he was saying, any other part that has subs is only there because of fun.
*at 5:58 included because of NEWShFAN.




Sakura fanvids,
The first fanvid is a mix of Sakura Girl PV + Music Station Performances'
The second fanvid is slideshow of Sakura Shop photos.

Title: Sakura Mix
Song: Sakura Girl - NEWS
Highlights: Nothing really, I'm planning on releasing a HQ version, but real life is getting in the way of that...


Title: Sakura
Song: Sakura Girl Instrumental - NEWS
Highlights: It's one of those fanvids that you can play it and do something else. ^_^

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This is written for my own benefit so I could remember this awesome dream, read if you want to hear my delusions...

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Doumo. Tegoshi Desu‼

So comes it to the end of this series of fanvids, last but not least Tegoshi desu!

Info on the video:
NEWS Member: Tegoshi Yuya
*This is the first time in the fanvid series that I have both photos and video.


I also include here a few pictures that didn't make the cut, but turn out to be my new icon ^_^
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Geshi !


Info on the video:
NEWS member: Kato Shigeaki
Song: Shalala Tambourine - Kato Shigeaki


Something I have been working on is Cellphone Wallpapers !
 Recently I got a new cellphone, and I can transfer images on to it, so i have been busy making different kinds of wallpapers
Below are 4 of Shige, and 1 Sakura.
Well technically 1 Sakura, 3 of Shige and 1 photo taken by Shige.
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