Konbanma Masuda Takahisa desu

Konbanma, Nichiko desu ^-^
Fanvid series Part 4 of 6. 
Massu !

Info on the video:
NEWS Member: Masuda Takahisa
Song: Ai no Matador - NEWS


NEWS Discussion:
Topic: NEWS Live
I finish reading yamapi85 translation of newsmile - massu, and if you read it too, don't you agree with Massu that NEWS should have a Live soon.


Yamapi Yay !

Yamapi Yay !

Info on the video:
NEWS member: Yamashita Tomohisa
Song: Taiyou no Namida - NEWS


NEWS Discussion:
This is a new thing i'm going to try,
basically because I want to freely write about NEWS,
Welcome to "NEWS Discussion"

Topic: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
What does everybody think about it?
Has anybody seen the manga or anime??
If you have, Do you agree or disagree with Kame that it would be hard to create into Live-Action drama?

Please Comment on you thoughts?


First Entry <3

Hello This is my official first entry on LG and with this I will show you......... KEI-CHAN !!!!!!
Warning: This is the first ever fanvid I made, I hope to get better.
Please Enjoy !

As you might have read on my profile, my original "NEWSxo" youtube channel got deleted, so in this entry and the other entries i'll be providing download links to my fanvids instead of embedding videos.

Info on the video:
NEWS Member: Koyama Keiichiro
Song: Why - NEWS